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Negative thoughts – how to change your attitude?

Did you ever stop to think how much does your negative mindset influence your decision making? Do you know where do these thoughts come from and why are they such a great threat to you? A negative outlook can lower your mood and sense of worth, as well as become an obstacle in reaching success. Here are a few tips on how to deal with negative emotions and change your attitude.

Another week starts with a  #bluemonday?

The exciting weekend is over. You met with your friends, went to the gym and a concert. You finally had the chance to sleep in, appreciate your coffee and catch up on the news. You’re happy that you could rest up a bit and have some fun, but at the same time you remember that Monday is just hours away. You suddenly feel a knot in your stomach. You think about morning traffic, an avalanche of responsibilities and unread emails. You have a very important meeting that you have to prepare for. And if that wasn’t enough, your boss expects a report on the last project from you. You were supposed to do it on Friday, but you couldn’t focus, so you put it off. Many such thoughts occupy your mind and you’re starting to feel the pressure. You start to think about how you’d rather climb under the covers and sleep until noon. You treat the beginning of the week like another Blue Monday – the most depressing day of the year. But try to stop and think if that’s really how it should be. What if you programmed your mind to be a little more optimistic?

The true reason behind a negative outlook.

Where do these negative thoughts come from, actually? Why do we overthink so much and assume we’ll fail? Of course, it’s hard to pinpoint one definitive reason and come up with a step-by-step instruction on banishing all our worries and ensuring perpetual happiness. To get rid of negativity, first and foremost you must take a good look at yourself. What worries you? What do you fear? Which events or people are destructive to you? Think about what you feel and what might cause it. Maybe your boss criticized you, which left you unmotivated and feeling worthless? Maybe you argued with someone close, which makes you feel sad and angry, and you can’t focus on your tasks because of it? Maybe you were very busy lately and didn’t sleep enough, which caused tiredness and unrest? Or maybe nothing bad happened and you’re just needlessly worrying. This kind of self-analysis can be very helpful. Realizing the source of the problem might help you find a way to solve it.

How does negative thinking affect our actions?

You are probably aware that your attitude influences your choices. If you have a difficult task at hand or a stressful event coming, you have two options. You can focus on your fears and the pressure, see a dark future and expect the worst. You can take on a negative attitude, expect to fail and set yourself up for failure. By taking such a stance you’re making such an outcome more probable. You’ll subconsciously act to make it happen and the tell yourself “didn’t I say so?”. But you can also approach the situation from a different angle. You can try to forsee the situations that may lead to a failure and prepare a backup plan for them. You can take charge of your mind and motivate yourself to succeed. Just think it’s easy and you won’t have any problems succeeding. It sounds overly simplified, but… it is just that easy. Don’t complicate your life by feeding the demons in your mind. Focus on the positive aspects of life and the opportunities that you have. Try to also filter the people and things that evoke negative emotions and damage your mood.

Negative attitude – how to fight it?

There are many tried ways to get rid of negative thoughts and regain a positive attitude. It’s worth to test them and find one that suits us. We’re all different people. We have different characters and life experiences, but I can guarantee that everyone can find their own, infallible way to improve their mood. Many people opt for meditation, yoga or sports. It’s a good way to clear one’s mind and get rid of the chaos. A good training can work wonders and bring relief even after a very stressful day. Physical activity is a real endorphin boost, which are the “happiness hormone” that helps to regain the mental balance and relax. Another tool in the fight with negativity can also be spending time outside, in the nature. Airing out your head, walking in silence and focusing on your breathing will help to wind down and sort out your emotions. Another way to deal with negative emotions might be talking. Keeping everything inside to accumulate is not the best solution. Asking for advice and sharing experiences can help you regain your balance. There’s nothing bad about throwing out your negative thoughts. It only shows that you’re a mature and self-aware man, who wants to change for the better. An exchange with a close person will help you to see your problem from a different perspective. Someone who knows and cares about you can really help you find a solution to your problem and change your attitude.

Maybe… a #Happymonday

Remember, that the choice is always yours. You can stay in your head, full of chaos and negativity, but you can also change. Reprogram your mind, start thinking positively and change a Blue Monday into a Happy Monday! Remember that the results of your actions depend on your attitude and the thoughts you are having. Think what makes you experience negative emotions and try to eliminate the destructive factors. Listen to the advice of your girlfriend, friend or a family member. You can figure out the plan of action together. Test out some methods of stress relief and figure out your own way to get rid of negative thoughts. Don’t stress needlessly and stop looking for problems where there are none. Believe in yourself and your abilities, try to see the opportunities the world gives you and use them. Remember to keep up this positive attitude, because it is a big factor in achieving success.

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