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Stoked through the world – extreme activities for big kids!

I started skiing when I was only four. Ever since then I was so stoked about it, I just counted down days until the winter break. Years went by, while I honed my abilities and learned new tricks. Skiing just gives me so much joy! Extreme sports are great fun for kids, even the grownup ones. Let’s find out why.

Extreme sports, meaning…?

Extreme sports are usually done in difficult circumstances and have a heightened probability of injury. They often require preparation, good stamina, and above-average physical prowess. For me, an extreme sport is one that brings out strong emotions. On one hand you have joy and excitement, while on the other you are feeling a bit scared and in danger. Activities like that give me a huge dose of adrenaline that I love. High speed, snow up to my knees and the hum of ice-cold wind are something completely incredible.

I tried my luck with many sports: Rollerblades, skateboard, rock climbing, and bungee jumping. Each of these adventures brings a big smile to my face, but it’s skiing that is my passion No. 1. Maybe that’s because I started skiing as a little kid. This sport always reminds me of the best times of my childhood. I remember first mountain trips with my dad. When I’m sliding down, I still feel the same joy I felt then, as if I was still four and wearing a dotted jacket.

Party in white – skiing

My adventure with skiing began many years ago in Polish mountains. That’s where I went through my first ski trails and a ton of falls. You need to be aware that all sports carry a risk of injury, sometimes even a serious one. I think I’m kind of lucky, not having any serious injury despite some of my serious falls.

I always liked high speeds, dynamic turns and jumping from every possible “platform”. I will never forget the moment I got my first freestyle skis for Christmas. I basically spent the whole season in the newly-opened snowpark, learning new tricks under the watchful eye of my older friends. I think it was back then that I started treating skiing as an extreme sport.

Every time I was supposed to jump and do some new trick for the first time, I was scared. But at the same time I was so fascinated and it gave me so much satisfaction that I couldn’t just tell myself to stop and kept honing my abilities.

During my short breaks I ate sandwiches and watched people snowplow through the easy course. I couldn’t believe that such slow and boring sliding can be entertaining for anyone. I always needed more. I loved to feel this pinch of uncertainty and danger. I was always craving adrenaline and I think it stayed with me to this day.

Extreme sports – the need for adrenaline

I was wondering where does this adrenaline and danger craving come from. When I was younger, I simply treated skiing as another form of fun, another game to play. I was a very open and energetic kid, always ready for a new challenge. I loved to climb the highest trees, hang upside-down on the carpet hanger, and doing somersaults on the grass. It was the same thing with skis. I always picked the hardest and steepest courses. I was never taking it easy and liked a challenge.  

And it stayed with me to this day, although these days I see it mostly in my professional life. I set up ambitious targets, I demand a lot from myself and enthusiastically take on tasks that require lots of work and constant dedication. However, sometimes it brings in sleepless nights, constant stress and overworking. Sport is my perfect distraction from my everyday rush and days filled with responsibilities. Usually I just settle for training at the gym, but once winter comes around, I start to plan a trip into the mountains. A few days of nothing but skiing all day is my tried way to reset my mind and get rid of all the worries.

Skiing – being stoked vs being in danger

Extreme sports can be very dangerous, no arguing that. But is that a reason to resign and stick to the safer activities? Perhaps some would, but I don’t even consider that an option. I love this hint of adrenaline and I think it’s essential for my well-being.

Being sensible, careful, and well-prepared will let us avoid injury and go through the skiing season without any trouble. If you’re planning on skiing intensely for a few days straight, you should really train for a few days, or even months before that. You need to be in good condition and take care of your joints and muscles. When it comes to skiing, knees and spine are the most important parts to strengthen. You must also remember to start every day of your winter holidays with a warm-up. Many skiers, even the very experienced ones, sometimes skip this part and well… break their bones. Remember, warm-up and stretching are an absolute must.

Another thing you must remember is good gear. Especially getting shoes and skis appropriate to your height, mass, and skills. A costume that allows you to move freely, goggles that don’t get steamed up, and well-adjusted helmet are another elements that contribute to your safety on the track. Extreme sports are great, but you really should keep your head cool and don’t overestimate your skill. Skiing shouldn’t be seen just as danger and unpleasant consequences. Skiing should be, first and foremost, a good way to actively spend your time, great fun and a perfect way to reset your brain.

To avoid routine and becoming a boring, gray grown-up, it’s worth to cultivate your inner kid. Extreme sports, like skiing, are one of the ways to do just that, to feel carefree and indescribable joy. We can remind ourselves how to be happy about small things and really appreciate their beauty. I wish you to drop that “serious adult” mask from time to time and just have fun!

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