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Work and passion – a synonym, or an oxymoron?

There are people who love their job, as they do what they love and what fascinates them. But there are also those who curse every day of the workweek and treat each Monday like the end of the world. How can you combine work with passion and get some satisfaction? Is it true that, by choosing a job you love, you won’t work a day in your life?

Another harsh day at work?

I have friends who hate their job with passion. With every breath they take they have to highlight its downsides and complain about bad working conditions. Some are bothered by the monotony and repetitive tasks that bore them to death. Others dislike the stressful atmosphere, the pressure from their boss and annoying coworkers, who act as if they were from a different planet. I also know people who constantly overwork themselves, do countless hours of overtime or take their work home. They walk around constantly tired, malnourished, and with no time to spend with their loved ones. Watching all of them I reach a simple conclusion that work is the main source of their unhappiness. They spend the last day of the weekend thinking only about their next day of hard work. They will once more count down the hours left until 4 PM, until Friday and until their next vacation. Once more they will grit their teeth and sigh heavily. But work should give us at least a little bit of happiness and satisfaction. After all, we spend a considerable part of our lives on it. However, many people fall into a trap they can’t get out of. What to do if you get stuck in a job that sucks out all your energy, leaving only negativity?

Work smart, not hard!

If your current job strips you of all your enthusiasm, bores or annoys you, and offers no satisfaction in exchange, it’s high time for a change. No matter in what stage of life you’re in, how old are you or how much experience do you have, it’s always a good moment to try something new. Remember that you only have one life and you should use it to the fullest. If you feel that your talents are wasted in your current job, that you can’t develop or get any satisfaction, then take matters into your own hands and do something about it. Think about what would you like to do and what would satisfy you. Maybe you always dreamed of certain work but never had the courage to try it. Maybe you have been thinking about a project for a long time or want to start your own business. Remember, you just have to ask yourself one important question. Ask yourself what do you want to do, and then start doing it. I think this advice can change a life of many frustrated workers. Sometimes you just need a little bit of will to start.

How to find a dream job and where to start?

At the beginning you will have many doubts. Perhaps you’ll start to wonder if changing your job really is a good idea, if you’re ready to take a risk, and if it’s really a good moment for starting a new phase of your life. These thoughts are a natural reaction, and any responsible person would carefully weight pros and cons before quitting a job. However, ask yourself if these thoughts are real concerns, or simply excuses that hold you down. The decision to change your job isn’t easy, but you have to remember that you can’t score if you don’t take a shot. You can stay in your comfort zone and well-known routine, or you can take charge and start a completely new adventure. You have to decide yourself which route will you take and do what you think is right. But I, for one, think you won’t give up that easily and will do anything to get your dream job and change your life by 180 degrees!

How to turn your passion into a job?

Is combining your job with your passion really that hard? I think that if you’ll be patient, persistent and consistently work towards your goal, you’ll eventually make it. Of course, you have to be aware that spectacular success requires a lot of hard work. You probably won’t be surprised at the fact that most of the successful people walked a long and twisted road of hard work before, which surely was not a walk in the park. If you want to change your hobby into a job, put all your heart into it and dedicate your time to it. Remember that you should also constantly develop and broaden your knowledge. Think what gives you the most satisfaction, what are you good at, and what could you help others at. The work can be pleasant and satisfying, but it also should be appropriately compensated. You have to analyze various possibilities and think how can you cash in on your hobby, and then figure  out an action plan. If you are going to be serious about it, you need a kind of business plan with certain aims written down. You can also consult your ideas with someone who already walked a similar path and succeeded. Gathering feedback from trusted, successful people can prove very helpful.

The pros of combining a job with a passion

A job that is also your passion has many upsides. When you do what you really like, you’re happier and more motivated. Every new task is an exciting challenge. You’ll have a lot more joy and satisfaction from every successful project. Sometimes you may even forget you’re at work, doing your duties! Actions that bring you joy can be treated almost as leisure activities. You may even end up not seeing much of a difference between a day at work and a day off, since they will both be valuable time spent well. Stress and tiredness won’t be as much of an issue as they were before, since a finished job will leave you feeling like it was worth it. More challenging tasks or additional duties will add a bit of pleasant adrenaline rush, which will further motivate you to be even better. If you really like your job, you won’t have to count down days, hours, and minutes until your next vacation. On the contrary – you might find out you can’t wait to see your colleagues again and start a new, thrilling project. Sounds amazing? Start doing what you really love and you’ll see what I mean!

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